We're taking what you know as niceSERVE (a church-wide service day) and extending it to a church-wide service week! 


In the beginning (of niceSERVE at Summit, not the world) we were a church of about 25 people who said service needs to be who we are and what we do. The way this has been done has changed a lot over the years, but the truth remains the same: God cares deeply about this world and the people in it and so do we.

What You Need To Know: niceSERVE happens in three phases:

1. Submit Project Applications

We receive project needs from organizations that we have ongoing partnerships with. They let us know what we, as a church, can do to help them serve those God has given them to serve better. This year, we're inviting you—the congregant—into that process as well. If you see a need in your community and think to yourself "I'm going to do something about that." Great! Maybe you have an older neighbor who isn't able tackle their yard work, the park up the street from you is in need of some care, or there's an organization you're already connected with that could use help that week... there's all types of possibilities! If you've got an idea, submit a project application below and let us know what you're thinking! We will be taking project applications until May 5th.

2. Sign Up

The second phase is when you get to go through all the projects that have been submitted (either by your fellow congregants or from some of the organizations Summit partners with) and pick one you'd like to be a part of. Those will be available on this page at the end of April.

3. Serve

Serve, serve, serve! May 15th-20th is when we're doing the things, raking the yards, serving the people, and we want you there for it!