Dru Dalton: That's How I Connect


Dru Dalton thought he did not have enough time to be involved in a Summit Connect group. It seemed like a good idea, in theory, but just something he was too busy for. After being involved in a group, however, he now says that he doesn’t have the time to not make time for his group! “The relationships which have developed from my Connect group are life-altering,” says Dru, who is in an all men’s Connect group. Dru is one of the younger guys in the group, and he loves gaining wisdom from the other members. In fact, he was able to lean on them during an unexpected event in his life.

“My 24 year old younger brother was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer,” he says. “I immediately took it to my group. It turns out that another guy’s younger brother fought through the same cancer a decade ago. We talked and I left the group that night with far more peace than I had walked in with. I can take anything to them and always have more peace on the issue after our discussion.” This kind of brotherly love is what makes being in a Connect group so life-altering for Dru.

A businessman at heart, Dru compares life principles to business principles. “In real estate, they say location, location, location. In life, it’s relationship, relationship, relationship,” he explains. “I’ve always loved Proverbs 15:22: ‘Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed’. A Connect group is a place to seek wise counsel from those who walk with the same guiding light.”

What is Dru’s favorite part of group time? That’s easy: “The cookies,” he says with a smile, and then quickly adds, “Just kidding. It’s the things we discuss over the cookies. It’s hearing what God is doing in each of our lives.”

Dru’s story highlights the importance of getting into a Connect group now, even if it doesn’t seem convenient. Nobody knows when their world will be shaken, and when (not if) it does, having a support system in place is paramount. Dru has that, and he is able to be that for others as well.

And that’s how he connects.

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