Bill & Carolyn: That's How I Connect


For Bill and Carolyn Salter, Summit Connect presents a unique opportunity to create meaningful friendships and impact the world around them. The Salters believe that when these two elements come together in a Connect group it forms a “spiritual family” among its members. “There is momentum in the collective effort of people gathering together for a ‘spiritual’ purpose, and God’s Spirit is the power that is operating there,” says Bill. Bill and Carolyn love developing deep friendships with other people. They are big believers in the “iron sharpens iron” principle. “Any time you choose to involve yourself for 12 to 18 months with a group of people, sharing in their hurts, joys, celebrations, births, deaths, dreams, and prayer requests, you will be changed,” says the couple. “It is the natural progression that the Lord brings about; it’s called love.”

This love is displayed in many ways, both within and outside the group. The Salters love when their group does niceSERVE together because it is a way to express love and bless other people out in the community. One way that the group displays love among each other is through prayer. “The prayer request time has become really meaningful,” says Bill. “Yes, sometimes tearful, and always refining our individual perspectives on what we really need to be thankful about!”

Bill and Carolyn’s desire is that everyone would have the kind of church experience that they have. They are desperate for people to experience the rewards of getting to know the other members in Christ’s family. Simply showing up at a building and hearing a message for an hour a week is not what Jesus had in mind when He built His church. “Life is first and far most about our relationship with Christ Jesus, but then it is also about our relationships with others; and the depth of this relationship is something we get to choose!” they say enthusiastically.

Bill and Carolyn have decided to choose to create a spiritual family comprised of deep, meaningful friendships.

And that’s how they connect.

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