What's Your Role?


What comes to mind when you think of your role in the world? Do think of yourself first as a citizen of your home country? A citizen of the world? A citizen of heaven? When we consider the vastness and complexities of the world, it is easy to become quickly overwhelmed. Besides that, we have enough problems at home, right? Why should we bother venturing into other places? I think it’s important to realize that our immediate surroundings are really just part of the bigger picture, a single piece of a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. Indeed, we have deep responsibilities to further the Kingdom of God right in our own backyard, but sometimes God gives us glimpses into the work He is doing in other parts of the world, too. Sometimes He even invites us into it.

For Summit Church, this is where Africa comes on the scene. God has continued to open doors for our community to be involved here, and we have faithfully followed His lead. There is so much we can learn from one another as we seek to work together in bringing the Kingdom of heaven to more places. It is not about ushelping them. It is about both of us together putting forth the best we have to offer as we follow God’s call—His call on the global church to pursue Him, unified as one body. It’s not until all the pieces of the puzzle are put into place that we finally see the big picture. God sees it now. We simply have to trust He is putting them all in place as He sees fit.

This should lead us to prayer. This should lead us to earnestly seek God’s role for us in the world. But sometimes it can seem overwhelming given the vast number of efforts that all seem to be doing great things. Here are some simple ways you could start:

1. Ask God for faith to know you are not the world’s savior—He is. You will need this belief to engage in Kingdom work and Kingdom prayer, sustainably.

2. Ask God if your actions should have more of a local or global focus.

3. Pray for God’s blessing on Summit’s partnerships in Africa.

4. One practical thing I’ve done to encourage regular prayer is covering my refrigerator with reminders of God’s global work. Missionary families, my sponsor child, letters from organizations… Perhaps something like this might help you, too.

Interested in going to Africa with a Summit team? Find out more information here.


Kristy-Lee Lawley