Guest Teacher: Dr. Steve Brown


If I could introduce only one person to my Summit Church family, it would be Steve Brown. And I get to this week! Steve will be preaching at Summit for the next two weeks on the Holy Spirit, and I’m more excited about that than riding the new Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train coaster at Magic Kingdom. (And I’m pretty excited about the latter, as you know if you follow me on twitter or had a conversation with me in the last month.) Some of you already know Steve or at least his voice. If you listen to Z88.3, he’s the “you think about that” guy. He’s been doing radio pretty much since its invention. He teaches on a daily nationally-syndicated radio broadcast called Key Life as well as hosts a weekend radio talk show called Steve Brown, Etc. (of which I am part of the “Etc!”).

Steve is the founder of Key Life Network, and is the author of numerous books—it seems like every time he burps they’re publishing a new one—including A Scandalous Freedom, What Was I Thinking?, How to Talk So People Will Listen, Approaching God, Three Free Sins, and When Being Good Isn’t Good Enough. Also, he is my favorite seminary professor at Reformed Theological Seminary.

Lastly, other than Jesus, no person has taught me more about who God is and what it truly means to be “saved by grace” everyday. You think about that.


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