Team Summer


Last June, our kindergarten through fifth-graders learned about Lazarus. In particular, they learned about the things God does to help us trust Him, and how Larazus’ sisters learned to trust Jesus when He raised their brother from the dead. Forth and fifth graders were tasked with making a puppet show to reenact the story, so with a trifold display board and a random set of craft supplies, they diligently set to work. One particularly memorable group of creative kids cut a hole in the board and covered the opening with gray paper, thus making a tomb. Behind that hole waited a kid with a paper bag puppet wrapped in toilet paper. As the kids told the story, the Lazarus puppet suddenly busted through his paper tomb and the room erupted with cheers of, “He’s alive! He’s alive!”

All the while a group of adults stood nearby, guiding, encouraging, and recording the whole show on their smart phones. Those adults were Team Summer volunteers.

“Team Summer” is the moniker we’ve given to the group of volunteers who serve in Base Camp from June through August.

During the school year, Base Camp volunteers do a phenomenal job reading Bible stories, welcoming new families, playing games, and loving kids. In fact, we suspect that many Base Camp volunteers are so unequivocally dedicated that they might never leave if we didn’t force them. Therefore we make them take a break during the summer months.

And that’s where you come in.

Along with your flip-flops and sunglasses, you can don a brightly-colored t-shirt and spend a few weeks of your summer helping kids discover how much they matter to Jesus. You can ensure that all kids—no matter what time of year they show up—know that church is fun and relevant.

Team Summer volunteers serve from June through August, and the commitment is flexible. Volunteers serve weekly, biweekly, or even for just a four-week stretch. As a Team Summer volunteer, the choice is yours! If you have ever wondered what serving in Base Camp is like, this is the perfect opportunity. Although I want to warn you: it’s so much fun that you might plan on serving only for the summer and find yourself still there four years later. Either way, we’d love to have you on the team!

If this sounds like your idea of a summer well spent, stop by the First Time Families desk or the Lobby at the Herndon, Lake Mary, or Waterford campuses or click here!


Written by guest blogger Lindsey Cornett.

Kristy-Lee Lawley