The Annex Renovation


I am happy to announce that we have officially begun renovations on the Herndon campus Annex! This project, part of the Second Stories initiative, will improve greatly our ability to support Base Camp ministry on Sundays and improve the environment for other uses as well. If you don’t know, Second Stories is a three-year initiative that we began across all campuses two and a half years ago to increase our capacity to reach and serve those God has given us to love. As we push into the last six months of the campaign, I want to thank all who have contributed for your generosity and faithfulness. Because you gave, we launched new campuses, improved and expanded our existing ones, and made progress towards paying down debt. Work, like what is beginning in the Annex, is possible because you gave, so thank you!

When we originally acquired the Annex, we quickly moved in and started using the much needed space for Base Camp, Summit’s Children’s Ministry. Our staff and volunteers have done a great job making the most of this space. However, as we used more and more of the building, we ran into on-going challenges, including the basic layout of the space. The work being done this summer will correct those challenges. After renovations, kids will be able to worship in an improved Large Group space, and check-in and traffic flow will be optimized. Room environments will be updated and laid out more effectively (no longer will the 2nd and 3rd grade boys room also be a pass through for other rooms!), and I am told, the entire building will be dragon proof (phew!).

During the summer, we will all have to squeeze a bit to allow for construction. The South Meeting Room and Herndon Theater will both be used as Children’s Ministry space. If you typically use the South Meeting Room as additional seating on Sunday, you will have the opportunity to make some new friends as you squeeze into the main sanctuary for service. It will all be worth it, because in the end, we will be able to serve our children and their parents better. Not to mention, we will all have a safe place to go in the unlikely event of a dragon attack.



Kristy-Lee Lawley