Kenya Team Update


The Kenya Team arrived in country safely and is enjoying the Viral Conference. There are about 600 pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders from dozens of countries in attendance. On the first day of the conference, Pastor Oscar, who you may remember from his previous visits and sermons at Summit, challenged all the church planters to remember that the church belongs to God: anything accomplished in ministry is due to God’s allowing it to be successful regardless of our power and talents. The conference included a little bit of a dance break that Jeff Kern, Sam Arocho, Garry Abbott, Bill Behr, and Nathan Boyett all took part in! In the afternoon, the team enjoyed spending time at the Matlacks': Brad, Camie, Nathan Abby, and Sam. The team had time to rest and catch up with the Matlacks and drink tea, discuss ministry, and simply enjoy each other's company. Sam Arocho even spent some time climbing in Sam Matlack’s tree house! Jeff led workshops on the foundations of ministry during the second day of the conference. If you've heard Jeff teach or had the opportunity to speak with him, you know his passion for discipleship. He was able to share with aspiring pastors at the conference how to take steps toward making sure discipleship is deeply engrained in their budding ministries. After the second day of the conference, the team headed back to the Matlacks for dinner and a time of encouragement. Nathan has been emailing updates and writes, "God's work is very evident in the Matlacks' lives and ministry. Please pray for them! Prayers are vital!"

The team was also able to share a meal with pastors from Ngando, the slum area where the Matlacks live. Before parting ways, the men gathered around two tables and Sam prayed over them.

We invite you to join us in prayer for The Viral Conference, the pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders in attendance, the Matlacks, and for our Kenya Team!

Kristy-Lee Lawley