God's Timing in Your Story


In week one of the sermon series The Crucible of Time, Eddy Moratin explained that we can learn to understand God’s timing when we learn to view the seasons of life through God’s perspective. When we learn how God uses experiences to guide and shape us, we can gain wisdom for both the present and the future. The instructions and questions below for this timeline exercise can help guide you as you reflect on your own story. By writing out and categorizing the things you’ve experienced, you may better understand God’s timing in your life.  


1. Pick a period of your life over the past 5, 10, or 20 years.

2. On a blank piece of paper, draw a line from left to right representing the ups and downs (peaks and valleys) of your life during that specific period.

3. Label the peaks and valleys on your timeline with a title and/or date that reminds you of the significance of that point in time.

4. After you’re done, step back and reflect on each peak and valley.

5. Then, take in the entire timeline.



1. What stands out? What patterns do you see? What themes become evident to you?

2. Are there relationships between events in your life and beliefs that you hold?

3. How would you describe your relationship with God at the different stages of your life?

4. What insights from this reflection could serve to strengthen your faith today and give you Godly wisdom for tomorrow?


Share the results of this exercise with someone you love and trust.

Kristy-Lee Lawley