Dynamics of Spiritual Formation // Let's Learn, Connect, and Serve.


Our Summit U class, The Dynamics of Spiritual Formation (or Dynamics for short) is here! As people have asked me about the class, I tell them I believe it will help them to understand how to grow spiritually and how to keep growing for a lifetime. Let me share the story of how Dynamics came together…

A number of years ago, my fellow Strategy Team members asked me to give some thought to the question: What can we do to help more leaders emerge from Summit?

As I wrestled with the question, I realized what we were really asking is: What can we do as a church to help everyone grow spiritually and to be ready to be used by God in accomplishing His work?

I pulled out a blank pad of paper and began sketching out my thoughts. I wrote down books that I had read, experiences I had encountered, people that helped me grow, classes and teachings that I had heard… By the time I wrote it all down, I was somewhat overwhelmed. Why? Not because I am anything special but because after 30+ years of where I’ve sought to follow Christ, it was a lot of stuff. And it seemed to be far more information than we could put into a short course.

So, I stepped away from the creative process for a while and spent some time praying – asking God for clarity on the possible next right step with this whole project.

Not too long after, I read this passage in Mark 3:13-14: Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach.

I realized in this one passage was a picture of exactly how it happens. I see three Dynamics at work that were essential to the spiritual growth of Jesus’ disciples. And they are the same three Dynamics that are important to our growth as well.

Here they are:

  1. They were with Him – learning from the Master (learn)
  2. There were 12 – they were together in community (connect)
  3. They were being prepared to be sent out to preach (serve)

At first blush it may seem overly simple. But, simple to understand does not necessarily mean shallow. So, let me invite you to jump into the upcoming class as we go on a 9-week journey – exploring together in great depth how we are called by Jesus to be participants with Him in the Dynamics of Spiritual Formation. Click here to sign up for this free class.

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