There Was a Man Who Had Two Sons...


There was a man who had two sons… And so begins my favorite story by Jesus.

Jesus was the greatest storyteller of all time. When He told stories people held their breath and listened. The Parable of The Prodigal Son, in particular, has such a profound meaning and forces people to see God in a new light.

Over the past year, the BCL team has been busy producing a musical version of The Prodigal Son story. I am beyond excited because for me, there is nothing like seeing a musical! (Next time you see me roaming the lobby just ask me to sing you a verse from “Let It Go”… I dare you!) But I’m not excited simply because we’re doing a musical. I’m excited because we have the privilege to tell this story.

The younger son leaves his father because he is tired of being held down by the responsibilities of life. The older brother has no problem being responsible; he has created a joyless prison for himself by obeying his father, and yet resenting him at the same time. What is a father to do with these two boys?

What is God to do with us? When we rebel, how does God feel about us? When we grow cold toward Him, what is His reaction? Does He grow angry and spiteful and vengeful? Not according to Jesus. In our musical, the father sings these words about his sons:

I would give everything I own

To have my boys home

I’d pay it all no matter what the price

I would give everything I am

To hold my sons’ hands

I would even give up my own life

My prayer is that you would come see The Prodigal Musical and experience God’s grace in a new way. I know I always need a reminder that God loves me even when I’m waist-deep in pig slop.

I also hope you invite your friends to the show: friends who are far from God, running from God, or trying way too hard to earn God’s love. I want people to see this musical who think God is angry at them. I want people to see this musical who think they’ve messed up too bad to come home. I want us all to see God the way Jesus wants us to see God: as a loving father who’s not above hugging his dirty, stinky, broken children.

Oh… You should also see it because there’ll be singing pigs!

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Michael Murray