Volunteer Highlight: Mike Brown


There are a million little details that go into a Sunday at Summit. Planning and praying for each worship service happens multiple times throughout the week within each of the different departments in the office. Bulletins, flyers, and posters are crafted, printed, and delivered to our multiple campuses. Music for service is selected and sermons are practiced. On Sundays, our volunteers are the ones who help us create the most welcoming environment we are capable of. They translate all of this planning into action. They’re the ones who greet everyone with a smile, help people get their cup of coffee, hand out bulletins, and take care of the kids during service. It’s no secret that we love our volunteers and think they’re the best. We’re highlighting one those volunteers this week: Mike Brown. Mike is a Base Camp volunteer at the Waterford campus. He began serving at Summit after going to Africa with one of our volunteer teams. After his experience on the trip, Mike felt led to become more involved with Summit because he realized that serving is a natural response to the truth found in scripture and a way to grow and further God’s kingdom in obedience. When he was considering where to get plugged in, it became clear that Base Camp would be a good fit because of his background in education and love for children. He’s been volunteering ever since!

As for his faith, Mike explains, “I grew up in the church, but I did not have a true understanding and love for the Lord until my second year of college. I’m not sure there is any one specific date of salvation I can remember in regards to my life. It has been more of a process of sanctification stretched over multiple years, one which I am enjoying greatly as of late.”

When he isn’t volunteering at Summit, Mike likes to be outdoors. Recently, he’s been enjoying heading out to the beach to go surfing. Outside of teaching and taking classes at the University of Central Florida, he enjoys playing sports, reading books, watching movies, and just relaxing with friends and family.

If you happen to see Michael at the Waterford campus, be sure to give him a high five!

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