We Were Made for Relationships


While studying for my sermon last weekend, something really struck me. Jesus’ adult ministry on Earth starts with His baptism by John; then He goes to the desert and is tempted for 40 days and nights. But what happens next is really interesting. The Gospels don’t say that Jesus then went to the spa to recover, or took some personal time, or even that He got everything up and going right away. The first thing He did was to go and call His disciples, to get His people around Him, to be in intentional relationship with a few. I don’t think this is a mistake, and I don’t think much has changed today. We need to be in relationship with one another, and as followers of Christ, He should be at the center of those relationships in an intentional way. We do that most clearly at Summit through Connect groups: groups of 8-12 people who spend 12-18 months together, doing life. Getting to know each other. Seeking truth together. Serving together. Loving each other. Being the hands and feet of Christ together for the sake of others. Not even Jesus, God in the flesh, chose to do life alone, and neither should we.

I have had seasons in my life when I tried to do life on my own. They mostly ended the same way. Defeated. Alone. Exhausted. Frustrated. We’ve all been there. The seasons where I have been in intentional community with others have always been the most fruitful, even when they weren’t the easiest. We are made in the image of God, and God exists in relationship—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In His image we are made for relationships.

I have seen the power and beauty of groups. The laughter and joy that emanate from them. The public and private prayers for each other. The meals provided for the joyous and the most devastating moments in life. The shared resources when times get tough. The neighbors and friends who have been invited in while they were still far from God because the group cared for them.

God has called us to do life together for our own growth and for the sake of others. Summit Connect provides a platform to do this intentionally. I’m so thankful that it’s one of the cornerstones of our vision. And I’m so excited to see what God will do in this next season, as Summit Connect and Summit U partner to help us grow together even more.

These are exciting and important times in the life of Summit. Don’t miss the opportunity to do it with others in a Connect group!


Want to join a Connect group or start a new one? Join us for Group Day this weekend, or stop by the Information Booth at your campus any time. We’d love to help you get connected.

Group Day

@ Herndon: Thursday, September 18th and Sunday, September 21st following all services

@ Waterford: Sunday, September 21st at 12:30 p.m.

@ Lake Mary: Sunday, September 21st following both services

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