As Our First Dynamics Class Comes to a Close...


It’s hard to believe that our first Dynamics of Spiritual Formation class is wrapping up this coming week! I’ve had a blast teaching the class—but what I have enjoyed most is hearing how God is using it in the lives of the people who’ve made the commitment to come out each week for 90 minutes to learn how to grow spiritually. People are discovering that as they engage with the three dynamics (which are a commitment to LEARN, a commitment to CONNECT in Christ-centered relationships, and a commitment to SERVE God and His mission), they act as catalysts for life-change.

As I have mentioned time and again in our class, the Dynamics class is really a road map for our journey into spiritual growth. God is calling all of us to deepen our connection with Him, and to unite with others for a common purpose as He works toward accomplishing His mission in human history. By going through the class, people are learning what they can be doing over the course of their lives to participate with God in their spiritual growth.

Another thing I have loved is seeing who has taken the class. We have brand-new believers who are serious about discovering their newfound faith. We also have seasoned Christians—some of who are serving as full-time missionaries with various ministries in the city! I absolutely love this. This is exactly what I hoped would happen, as the material is really something that is meant for anyone who is committed to growing spiritually.

We wrap up the class this evening. And I’ve been promising everyone that we have something special in store for those who complete the course. We will end our time together with everyone reviewing what we’ve learned over the nine sessions:

  • God takes complete responsibility for my spiritual growth—yet calls us to fully participate.
  • Our greatest need is to receive and experience God’s grace and forgiveness.
  • We grow in grace by learning to practice the spiritual disciplines.
  • We walk in grace by walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • We give grace as we become people of faith hope and love.
  • God’s plan is for us to fully participate in grace-filled communities.
  • God calls His people to be grace-giving communities committed to social justice.
  • Our mission of grace is to make disciples of all the nations.
  • As we multiply grace by multiplying disciples and entire faith communities, we will accomplish God’s purposes in our generation.

We will close the time by allowing everyone to affirm a commitment to these Dynamics, followed by a commissioning and prayer by the pastors of Summit for everyone taking this step.

Our goal is that everyone who calls Summit home will be able to participate in future classes! The next opportunity will be coming up in February 2015. We hope to see you there!

Jeff Kern