How You Can Get Involved


In 2006, through praying and getting educated, we came to the clear conclusion that God was calling Summit Church to partner with our brothers and sisters who are already at work in Africa. Yesterday was Join Africa, where we celebrated and learned more about what God is doing in Africa. After yesterday, Summit attendees have committed to sponsoring 88 children through Children's HopeChest and 77 people have decided to be a part of the Join Africa interest class. There are still 62 sponsorship opportunities available, so if you would like more information on sponsoring a child you can click here. And if you want information on our 2015 Africa teams, you can sign up for the three-week Join Africa here. If you missed it, here’s a recap of three ways you can get involved. You can Join Africa by: 1. getting educated.

Learn more about the injustices and illnesses spreading in Africa, the reason God calls us to act on behalf of the powerless, and what the Church can do to help. We recommend the following books, which are also available at your campus Resource Center:

Good News About Injustice // Gary Haugen

Just Courage // Gary Haugen

The Just Church // Jim Martin

The Hole in Our Gospel // Richard Stearns

Compassion, Justice, and the Christian Life // Robert D. Lupton

Cross-Cultural Connections // Duane Elmer


 2. sponsoring a child.

We partner with three wonderful organizations you can connect with if you'd like to sponsor a child:

Sponsorship with Children's HopeChest is so much more than just sending money each month. As a sponsor, you’re asked to be involved in your sponsor child’s life through:

Prayer. You’re encouraged to pray for your child as often as possible.

Correspondence. By following a link on the Children’s HopeChest website, you can write to your child as frequently as you’d like, sending messages of encouragement and care and building a relationship.

Support. Sponsors commit to a $38 per month sponsorship relationship that provides your child with many benefits, including in-country staff who directly minister to him or her, help with projects at your child’s orphanage, and facilitate the letter-writing exchange program.


The Nairobi Chapel Jubilee Scholarship Fund provides sponsorships to deserving students in Kenya whose parents or guardians have limited resources and enables them to pursue and successfully complete their secondary education. The program was originally established to cater to the educational needs of children whose families had been displaced by violence, and has since grown to include others from difficult circumstances, including those orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and those in nearby economically challenged communities.

Child sponsorship with Children of the Nations offers the chance to help children in Africa through a direct relationship. By sponsoring children in need, you will help provide them with the education, nutrition, medical care, and spiritual guidance they need in order to grow into leaders who will create positive change in their communities. As a sponsor, you also have the opportunity to encourage your child’s growth through letters, gifts, and even visits to your child’s country.


 3. going.

In 2015, Summit will be sending teams to work in Malawi and Ethiopia with the following partner organizations:

Children of the Nations: COTN works to raise orphaned and vulnerable children to be Christian leaders in their communities.

World Relief: World Relief practices principles of transformational development to empower local churches in the United States and around the world to serve the vulnerable in their communities.

Market Colors: Market Colors opens Western markets to the sale of quality African products made through faith-based economic empowerment groups in Africa.

Children's HopeChest: Children’s HopeChest cares for orphaned and vulnerable children and enables them to live as faithful, productive, and whole adults.


Malawi Teams & Travel Dates*

COTN & Market Colors Team // Focus: Expanding Capacity of Craftsmen // March 7th - 17th

COTN Team // Focus: Construction // June 18th - 20th

COTN Team // Focus: Education // July 21st - August 2nd

COTN Team // Focus: Special Needs // July 21st - August 2nd

World Relief Team // Focus: TBD // May 14th - 26th

Ethiopia Team & Travel Dates*

Children's HopeChest Team // Focus: Children's Camp // July 3rd - 14th

*Travel dates are subject to change. Visit for the most up-to-date information.


Would you like to be part of a 2015 Africa team?

Plan to participate in our 3-week Africa Class:

Thursday, January 22nd

Thursday, January 29th

Thursday, February 5th

During these three sessions we’ll cover everything from our vision for Africa, to trip plans and details, to what to pack for the journey.

Kristy-Lee Lawley