Peace, Purpose, and a Home


When you ask Rick Vicenty about the best day of his life, he’ll tell you about the day he was baptized in April 2014. Rick decided to get baptized during one of the sermons from Teaching Minister Zach Van Dyke’s The Answer in Question series. “I remember this feeling coming over me,” explains Rick, “something inside me saying, You should do this. You're ready. Take the plunge. Make the commitment. Be a better man. I struggled with that feeling for weeks.” Rick talked it over with a close friend who helped him decide that being baptized was his next right step. 

An Orlando area native, Rick was first introduced to Summit through that same friend who helped him decide to be baptized. He was drawn in by the music, teaching, and friendly faces, but sometimes would have to miss service because he is an active military member and would often be called to work away from home. Rick discovered the Summit podcast and was able to share in the same worship and teaching as the rest of the church whenever he was on duty. It was a good way for him to stay connected, even when he couldn’t be there physically, and he says that “the podcasts helped me really focus on the word in a way that I had never done before.”

On the day of Beach Baptism, Rick, his 5-year-old daughter, and his sister-in-law drove out to Bethune Beach together. After he signed in and got settled, Rick looked up and saw his little brother and cousin walking toward him. “I was at a loss for words,” he remembers. “Tears instantly started to build as I realized I would share this with people who I loved.” His most vivid memory from the day is when he was waiting in line to walk out into the water.

“As each person was baptized, I came closer to the front, and the level of water rose. I remember feeling like, Wow! I'm finally doing this. I'm so happy!” The water would continue to rise as Rick made his way to friend and Lake Mary Campus Minister O.J. Aldrich. After he was submerged, Rick remembers the first thing he saw: his little brother carrying his 5-year-old daughter out to him in the water.

“My decision to be baptized has given me peace,” he says. “It's also given me purpose and a home. I live each day trying to live up to a great standard. Though I know I'll never meet that perfection, I strive to be a better me, and to share my love for Christ with all who are in my life.”


If you’re a follower of Christ and have never made this public profession of faith, being baptized might be your next step. Our next Beach Baptism is Sunday, October 19th. Read more about the day and register to be baptized at


Listen to The Answer in Question series that led to Rick’s decision to be baptized here.


Guest blogger Sarah Joseph is a contributor to the Summit blog, SUMMIT MAGAZINE, and our Sermon Study Guides. 


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