As We Enter the Season of Advent


Today we're thinking about turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and pie—oh, the pie! (Or in my 6-year-old's case, macaroni and cheese, her favorite Thanksgiving dish.) I don't know about you, but once the afternoon naps have been taken and the coffee is brewing (to go with that second serving of pie, of course), my thoughts begin drifting ahead to the next season—lights and trees and nativity scenes and excited children. Tomorrow we'll celebrate Thanksgiving, and this weekend Advent begins. Advent, which is what we call the season leading up to Christmas, begins four Sundays before December 25th. This year, the first Sunday of Advent lands on November 30th.

Advent, which means coming, is a time when we wait expectantly, with great anticipation and longing, for our Savior, Jesus. We know that He came to earth in human form, born to a young virgin named Mary, fulfilling the promise God made to His people. But for centuries prior, God's people watched and waited for the coming Messiah, not knowing exactly what they were looking for or how God would eventually save them.

I love Christmastime. I love the wonder and the mystery of God choosing to send His Son in such a lowly, humble manner. His grace is overwhelming. This year at Summit, the Advent series, called The Way to the Manger, will give us an even deeper appreciation of God's grace and who Jesus is by looking at His lineage—more specifically, the women whose stories God spun together to tell His story.

Each week beginning Monday, December 1st, we will be sharing an Advent devotional here on the Summit blog about each of these incredibly interesting, faith-filled, broken women from Jesus' family tree: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Uriah's Wife (you would know her as Bathsheba), and Mary. I hope you'll join us back here on Monday as we begin the journey through Advent together and marvel at the wonder of God sending His Son to earth.


Written by guest blogger Rebekah Crosby.



Kristy-Lee Lawley