The Windermere/Dr. Phillips Campus Team: Serving Together


November 15th will be a significant day in the life of Summit and the new campus we are forming in the Windermere/Dr. Phillips area. On that day we will, as an entire church family in multiple locations, do what we can to reflect who Jesus is and who He is about by serving in our community at an event we call niceSERVE. Hundreds of us will go serve with organizations doing Christ-honoring work in our neighborhoods for the morning. These teams will allow the organizations with which we serve the chance to focus on what they do best as we clean, landscape, paint, organize, or file—serving in ways that enable those organizations to focus on what God has called them to in caring for the most vulnerable. Serving others will always be what followers of Jesus are called to do, so accepting that invitation is always significant. 

But for the Windermere/Dr. Phillips campus team, this day is a significant beginning. We will be serving together for the first time—forming relationships around a common purpose. Through projects created specifically for this new campus team, we will lock arms together to serve at Grace Landing and Hubbard House. We will also write Christmas letters to the inmates of the 33rd Street jail. Grace Landing is an incredible organization that supports foster children and families. Hubbard House is a home away from home for the family of those in extended treatment at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Those who have said Yes to be part of the new Summit campus in the Windermere/Dr. Phillips area will sign up for these specific niceSERVE projects.

These are relationships that, as a church, Summit has developed over time but now will be given to this new Windermere/Dr. Phillips campus to grow and develop. One of the incredible things about forming new expressions of Summit through new multi-site campuses is that we can reach farther and deeper into our community through serving—essentially we can serve better because we can be closer. In places where distance previously created a barrier for serving, service can happen and people can be loved and cared for by the Summit family.

Galatians 5:6 says, “All that matters now is faith expressed in love.” Our faith in Jesus, who has come for all and to love and serve all, should find its full expression in how we love others. That will always include us reaching as far as we can to serve those in need. I can’t think of a more significant way to express our faith that Jesus is setting this world right than by serving people in places where things are not currently all right. That’s why November 15th will be significant for Summit and for the Windermere/Dr. Phillips campus—because on that day we have a chance to serve.


Would you like to learn more about Summit's next campus in the Windermere/Dr. Phillips area? 

We are in the process of forming a team to establish a new campus in the Windermere/Dr. Phillips area sometime next year. If you would like to be part of the campus team, if you'd like to serve with us at niceSERVE, or if you would like to receive more information, get in touch with Mobilization Pastor Garry Abbott at


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