A New Campus Home and New Ways to Reach


For those who haven't heard, the Lake Mary campus is going The Extra Mile for the sake of our friends and neighbors. We're in the process of raising funds and building a full-time, fully functioning facility where our Lake Mary offices are currently located off of Lake Emma Road. We hope to be worshiping together in our new home by Easter 2015. Each of the spaces for our new campus has been designed with our attendees—especially the new folks you'll invite into this community—in mind. Here's a breakdown of what these areas will look and feel like:

The Lobby

The Lobby is one of the best environments that exists at Summit Lake Mary, and The Extra Mile will allow us to build a welcoming, warm, and lively Lobby for new guests to be welcomed into. From the moment folks step through the door, they will experience the familiar Summit Lobby that is so well-loved at our other permanent campuses. Fresh coffee will be brewed on-site, the First Impressions team will be ready to welcome folks in, and comfortable seating areas and a Resource Center will invite deeper conversations.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary has been designed to create a welcoming and focused worship environment. Music and video teaching are hallmarks of our multi-site campuses, and this new space will allow us to tailor both at a new level of excellence. The sound and lights will allow us to continue a long tradition of excellent and creative musical worship. The video and screen will provide a rich experience for the weekly teaching. The seating will provide a comfortable environment to worship in a right-sized space for a growing congregation that will allow the room to feel inviting from day one with the extra capacity to grow as God develops Lake Mary even further.

Base Camp

Base Camp will be getting a dedicated, custom-built, extra-secure space in the new building. This space is important so that we can communicate to our kids that they are special, that they are worth it, that church isn’t boring, and that God loves them very much. It also communicates to parents that kids are a big deal to our church, that security is a top priority, and that we care deeply about families. The space will allow each of the age groups to have their own Connect group area so that meaningful and lasting relationships can be formed with our adult Base Camp volunteers, in addition to an excellent Large Group space for worship and story time.

Base Camp Live!

The new Theatre for BCL will be an ideal space to share with Summit Students as well. As kids attend our monthly live production with their families, they'll become familiar with the space with their families, creating a smooth transition as they move up into Student Ministry. The space will be designed with both in mind and will have a stage, lighting, and sound system to help support the programs that will take place in the Theatre.

Meeting Space

The Extra Mile is also allowing us to create a meeting space that can be used for a variety of purposes—from Group Day, to Newcomer's Review, to Connect group meetings, as well as recovery groups that need meeting space in the area. This extra meeting space provides a great way for the campus to be used even more fully throughout the week and provide a great benefit to the community as well as our Lake Mary family.


Would you partner with us by giving to The Extra Mile before the end of 2014? We're excited to take this next step with you in reaching people in the Lake Mary community. Click here to read more about The Extra Mile and find out how you can give. 


InsightsO.J. Aldrich