Rosie Timothy: That's How I Connect


Like many, I am an Orlando transplant, finding myself here by way of Kentucky. I moved here on a whim to attend graduate school, without knowing anyone, leaving my immediate family behind. However, little did I know that four years later, I would find myself in a loving, Christ-centered community that has become my second family (in addition to starting my own family). In these past four years, I have called Summit my home (I actually attended my first service only a few weeks after I arrived!), and I have been overwhelmed at times by the community God has placed in the lives of me and my family. Both my husband and I have no immediate family here, and we have found that our Connect group has become that family. They have provided invaluable wisdom, accountability, support, and love as we journeyed from dating to married, and on to becoming parents. Our Connect group is our family. I am forever thankful for the day God decided to orchestrate my move to Florida, surround me with people who put Him first, and live out those virtues, in turn drawing me closer to Him in every conversation, potluck, BBQ, text, and study.

My Connect group has shown me that community, in your walk with faith, is essential. As Summit states so clearly, we were meant to do life together. In those relationships we find accountability, vulnerability, and support as reach our highest peak, and transcend our lowest valley. I know that the tears, the laughter, the late night talks and texts have molded my faith, and for that I am forever grateful.

I want to encourage you, if you are reading this (and by the way, if you are, thank you!), to think about taking that next step and joining a Connect group. Provide yourself with the space to share your life with others, challenge yourself in your spiritual growth, and I know God will use those moments to speak to you and through you.


Guest blogger Rosie Timothy is a partner at the Lake Mary campus, where she serves in Base Camp and performs with the Base Camp Live! crew. She and her husband, Keiron, have an adorable little boy named Jaxon. This is her first blog post!



If you'd like to get connected in community here at Summit, join us for Group Day this weekend: 

Herndon // Thursday, January 22nd and Sunday, January 25th following all services

Lake Mary // Sunday, January 25th following all services

Waterford // Sunday, January 25th at 12:30 p.m.

Want to join a Connect group for our new Windermere/Dr. Phillips area campus? Join us for Group Day at Herndon and we'll get you plugged in!

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