reGROUP Sunday: What’s Your Next Step?


In services this past weekend, we had the unique opportunity to hear from reGROUP Director Kailey Newkirk. In addition to giving us an inside look at reGROUP, our recovery ministry, Kailey encouraged us to think and pray about the next step God is calling each of us to take as we enter the season of Lent (the days leading up to Easter) this week. • Maybe you’ve realized the baggage and hurt you’re carrying around, and your next step is to walk through the doors of reGROUP tonight and find a safe place to work toward healing. (reGROUP meets every Monday at 7 p.m. at the Herndon campus.) 

• Perhaps you’re tired of trying to walk through life on your own and have recognized that what’s missing is community—people with whom you can share, laugh, cry, learn, and grow—and it’s time to find a Connect group. (Learn more and search for open groups here.) 

• Or maybe you’re feeling God’s Spirit tug on your heart about either laying something down or picking something up for Lent. Whether you decide to participate in Lent by making a daily sacrifice or adding something new to your routine, commit to making this season one of focusing on Christ and building your relationship with Him.

What is God calling you to do? Is He asking you to be kind to someone? To make an important phone call? To be present? To notice His blessings? Take that first step this week, and know that God is rejoicing over every move you make in the right direction—no matter how small it might seem.


If you missed this weekend’s service and would like to listen to Kailey’s talk, pop over to later this week for the podcast. Be sure to download the accompanying study guide as well!  

Kristy-Lee Lawley