Unconditional Faith, Unconditional Trust, and a Great Legacy


To say that I have become addicted to coffee in my short time here would be an understatement. When I start my day, I drink at least two cups of coffee, and another five cups by the time the day is out. I have become dependent on the alertness and sort of energy that the drink offers me throughout the day. A week ago, after coming to the conclusion that I need to lower my rate of coffee consumption, I wondered to myself: In the few weeks that I have been in Orlando and at Summit, have I grown more dependent on God, especially in this season of being in a foreign land and away from my family and friends?

A few days after this realization and thought, Pam, my host, handed me a book, Simple Trust Simple Prayers; Life Changing Lessons from the Journals of George Muller. This book has so far changed a lot of my perspective on my dependence and trust in God. In the book, George Muller trusted and consistently prayed and brought before God every tiniest need that he had for seven decades. Every time that he did this, God would reply with a number of outcomes, but He was always faithful and He always provided one way or the other.

You see, we focus and depend on things in our lives that turn out to be thrills for short periods of time, but forget to trust and depend on God for things that last throughout our lives. I made it my life goal to try and emulate George Muller, constantly bringing everything to God in prayer and continuously depending on Him for everything, no matter how small or big. To have unconditional, unwavering faith and trust in God.

The way I look at it now, it meant having to leave Kenya and come to Orlando for me to learn this profound, simple truth and lesson. I have been working in ministry since 2011 and during this time, this is one of the lessons that has truly challenged my spiritual life as well as my ministry work at Nairobi Chapel and the short stay at Summit. I believe that once I learn and continuously implement this lesson in my daily life and daily tasks, God’s greater plans and purpose will be fulfilled through me as I serve His people. Muller brought everything before God, he withheld nothing from God, and in His mercy and greatness God fulfilled all of his requests. Many souls (children) were saved and transformed through his life’s work.

I want to look back 20 years from now and see all the lives that have been changed through my contribution in ministry. I might be a mere graphics and web designer, someone who has no previous training in preaching or pastoral care, but I am first and foremost a vessel of the Lord. My molding begins with just two steps; trusting in the Lord and unconditionally submitting and having faith in Him.


Guest blogger Kristine Ndirangu is visiting Summit from Nairobi Chapel in Kenya for three months as part of a church staff exchange program. 

Guest Blogger