How and Why Summit Gives


Did you know that 15 percent of the tithes and offerings Summit receives is distributed outside our walls?

How do we give?

This giving takes many forms, including (but not limited to) regular support of missionaries, organizations, church plants, and individual gifts of benevolence.

Summit’s giving falls into four categories:

1. Relief giving

2. Development (for example, child sponsorship on the global level, or supporting organizations such as Community Food and Outreach Center on the local level)

3. Institutional systemic change (through investment in non-profits)

4. Extravagant grace

Why do we give?

We give as an expression of mercy for both our local and global community. We give to invest in other agents of change as our visions align. We give to promote justice for those afflicted by disease, hunger, and poverty, against which they have no means to defend themselves. And sometimes we give as nothing more than an act of extravagant love—the same love we have never deserved, but receive all the same at the hands of our Savior. We do this in faith that God will continue to provide all the resources we need if we continue to be faithful in living out the ministry to which He has called us, taking joy in the opportunity to be a vessel of financial support for others who are about the business of doing God’s work.

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Kristy-Lee Lawley