Palm Sunday // Light in the Darkness


Today’s Reading: John 12:12-18, 25-36, 44-46 As a child who grew up Catholic, Palm Sunday was a day where we received palm branches at church and made them into crosses. I have wonderful memories of sitting in the pews after church while my mom made my palm into a cross; I was never any good at making them myself. Now, as an adult, the first thing I think about when I think of Palm Sunday is the worship song Agnus Dei. I could probably write an entire blog post about that song, but for now, we’ll get back to Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week and is the day that commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem before He died on the cross. Let’s note that He rode in on a donkey and not a horse. Horses are typically associated with war, but donkeys are a sign of peace. So, Palm Sunday is the day the Prince of Peace began His journey to His death on a cross, a death He fully and freely accepted, for the people of Jerusalem and for you and me!

Spend some time in prayer and ask God to guide you through His Word and show you what He wants you to learn.

Read John 12:12-18.

It was written in the Old Testament that the promised King would come seated on a donkey. And now, God’s promise, made so many years earlier, was coming to fruition. Jesus’ disciples did not understand this. In fact, they wouldn’t come to understand it until after He had died and was glorified. The people, even Jesus’ own disciples, needed to see it to believe it. Many only began to follow and seek Jesus because of the signs they saw and the things He had done.

How often do we fail to trust God or follow Him until after we see the results or know the outcome?

 Do we love Jesus because of who He is or what He has done?

Read John 12:25-36.

Jesus’ submission to the Father’s will brings us life and light out of the darkness! Jesus spends time telling the disciples how to live a life that will glorify God. In this same passage, He also tells them that He is going to die. Their reaction? They question Him.

Do you question God and His plan?

Where do you see or experience darkness in your life? What areas need Light? 

Who in your life needs to hear the good news that Jesus died for all of us?

Read John 12:44-46.

Jesus is telling His disciples (and us) the good news that when we trust in Him, we also trust in God. And when we see Him, we see God. And here’s the best news: When we trust in God, we are no longer in darkness.

Do you know this truth? Who in your life can you share it with?

Spend time praying about the people God has put in your life who need to hear this good news. Pray to ask God to prepare your heart for Easter, for Jesus’ triumphal resurrection.

Worthy is the Lamb. Amen.


Jessica is Summit’s First Impressions Director.

Jessica Meyer