Your Summit Partnership Questions Answered!


If you’re wondering what we mean when we say “Summit partner,” this post is for you. Keep on reading for answers to some of your frequently asked questions about partnership!

What exactly is a Summit partner?

Many churches call them members, but we call people who have made Summit their church home partners. Why the different terminology? Because we believe there is an active role people in our congregation take when coming alongside us to live out the vision God has given this church.

What’s the vision again? 

Summit’s God-given vision is to form biblically functioning communities that reach lost people, connect in Christ-centered relationships, teach truth, serve others, and worship God.

What’s expected of partners? 

  • Partners must be followers of Jesus.
  • Partners should have been baptized or plan to be baptized in the next 12 months.
  • Partners should seek meaningful relationships with people who do not know Christ and have the courage to communicate the gospel in the context of these relationships.
  • Partners are expected to take an active and primary role in their spiritual growth in the midst of authentic community.
  • Partners are expected to tithe at Summit.
  • Partners are expected to pray for Summit.
  • Partners are expected to serve with Summit.
  • Partners should seek to become increasingly effective in ministry by developing and utilizing their talents, gifts, skills, and resources.

If I become a partner, what can I expect of Summit? 

  • You can expect Summit to create communities where you can be cared for and that encourage accountability where you can become more like Christ.
  • You can expect Summit to help you create environments of authentic community where spiritual growth will take place.
  • You can expect Summit to pray for you.
  • You can expect Summit to serve with you.
  • You can expect Summit to be above reproach in utilizing the resources God has given us, committed to living out the vision God has given us, and continuing to build the biblically functioning community that we have been called to build.

So, how do I become a partner? 

Whether you’re thinking, Yes! I’m ready to become a partner! or Hmm, I’d like to learn more about what Summit is all about, please plan to attend Partnership Class (details below)!

What happens at Partnership Class? 

Partnership Class is our version of new members’ class. During this time you'll find out more about Summit’s vision, values, structure, and strategy. We want to make sure you have a clear, authentic picture of what makes us who we are. Attending the class doesn’t automatically make you a partner, but it will give you the necessary information to make that decision.

We have three Partnership Class opportunities next week.

Join us at the campus you call home, or just come to the one that best fits your schedule—we’d love to have you!

Lake Mary campus // Sunday, April 12th at 6 p.m. at the Summit Lake Mary Offices (100 Technology Park, Suite 110, Lake Mary)

Herndon campus // Tuesday, April 14th at 7 p.m. (Childcare is provided.)

Waterford campus // Thursday, April 16th at 7 p.m. (Childcare is provided.)

Kristy-Lee Lawley