No One Can Do Everything, but Everyone Should Do Something


In last week’s sermon, Mobilization Pastor Garry Abbott challenged us:

“If you can care about the need around you, do it.”

This leads to the question: What can you do to meet the needs you see around you?

There are vulnerable children all over the world and right here in the U.S.—children in need of someone to open their home to them, of someone to provide for them, of someone to welcome them into a family.

If you missed last week’s Sponsor / Foster / Adopt Expo, we’re doing it again this week and hope you’ll stop by! (Just head to your campus lobby after the worship service.) It’s a great opportunity to collect information about whatever God might be calling you to do to act on behalf of the most vulnerable.

Learn more about:

Child Sponsorship

Most vulnerable or orphaned children have some family who love them and want to provide for them. For these children, partnering with the family to stabilize their environment is a huge blessing. A small, monthly donation gives opportunities for the world’s poorest children, providing for their physical, educational, medical, and spiritual needs.

Foster Care

When children are in crisis, foster care can become a form of relief by providing temporary placement of children into surrogate families. Foster parents and families provide safe, nurturing, stable environments, in the hopes that these children will one day be reunited with their families.


As God's adopted sons and daughters, we believe we're invited to be a part of His redeeming work for the most vulnerable. We do this through domestic adoption (the permanent placement of an infant or child born in the U.S.) and international adoption (the permanent placement of an infant or child born in another country).

There is no burden to do all of these things, and you’re not committing to anything by visiting the Expo. Our hope is that you will be encouraged that we can all do something. The need for people to care for vulnerable children is huge, and when we make the decision to act on God’s call—whatever that may be—anything is possible.


Sponsor / Foster / Adopt Expo

@ Herndon: Thursday, May 21st & Sunday, May 24th following all services in the Lobby

@ Waterford: Sunday, May 24th following all services in the Lobby

@ Lake Mary: Sunday, May 24th following all services in the Lobby


If you would like to learn more about foster care or adoption, please join us for a dinner and information session:

Foster Wednesday, June 3rd at 6:30 p.m. Summit Waterford Campus 11602 Lake Underhill Road, Suite 110 Click here to RSVP

Adopt Wednesday, June 10th at 6:30 p.m. Summit Herndon Campus 735 Herndon Avenue Click here to RSVP

Kristy-Lee Lawley