The Proof Is in the Stories


One of my favorite things about working in the Communications Department at Summit the past three years has been the opportunity to hear stories—many, many stories—of what people in this community are doing to further God’s Kingdom and the ways God is working in their lives. God is at work here in this church, in the lives of people in Central Florida, and around the world. The proof is in the stories.

Twice a year, I get to help share a few of those stories with the help of an incredible team of designers, writers, and editors—most of whom are volunteers—and the end result consistently blows me away. The spring issue of SUMMIT MAGAZINE, which will be hitting mailboxes soon, is no exception.

The stories in Issue 24, Making a Lasting Impact on Our Community and Our World, had me in tears from the initial rough drafts, and not because I’m a crier (though some might say I am). What moved me was the fact that while the outcomes of these stories are big, and miraculous, and awe-inspiring, they all began with ordinary people like you and me, simply saying Yes to God, taking little steps of faith, and letting Him do the rest:

• A family who decided to open their home to children whose home lives are in crisis, loving them as their own until they can safely return to their families

• A group of middle-school girls who took it upon themselves to raise money for a friend’s life-saving surgery

• A little boy who, at age 5, helps those in need in place of receiving gifts on his birthday

• A woman whose sponsored children in Africa call her “Mom” because of the love and relationship she’s poured into their lives

• Summit leaders who followed God’s prompting to build a new campus for Lake Mary and launch the next site on the west side of Orlando

• Teams who traveled to Malawi to help teach widows the skills they need to provide for themselves and their families

There are so many more. I hope you enjoy reading through this issue as much as I have, but more importantly, I hope God uses these stories to stir something within you and help you to recognize the story He is writing for your life as well.


Look for Issue 24 in your mailbox soon! If you don’t receive SUMMIT MAGAZINE by mail, pick up a copy at your campus or check it out on later this month. 

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Rebekah Crosby