Sharing in the Story of Changed Lives


It is stories of changed lives that remind me God is doing what only He can do at Summit. It is those stories that keep me humbled, keep me excited, and keep me going. This morning, I met with a friend to talk about him becoming more involved at Summit. Keep in mind, he is already one of our most involved leaders! During our conversation, largely focused on Summit Connect, he reminded me about his story of life change that began at Summit about six years ago. For the sake of this story, I will call my friend Dan (but that is also his real name).

Dan began attending Summit with his wife. He was not looking to have his life dramatically changed, as he had always been a good guy. However, God used his involvement at Summit, in particular in Summit Connect and niceSERVE, to invite him and his wife into saving relationships with Jesus and into God’s mission in this world.

Over the years Dan has come alive spiritually and has been a leader in almost every frontline area of service at Summit, from jobSERVE to the Parking Lot team. Dan’s fervor for service is not limited to himself alone; it has become a family endeavor as well. Just last month, Amanda, Dan’s wife, was in her usual post behind the coffee bar at Herndon, which normally would not have been unusual except for the fact that she was scheduled to deliver twins the next morning!

Now a father of five, Dan is a key part of the new Windermere/Dr. Phillips campus launch team and is still asking the question, “How can I serve God in this place?”

This morning as we talked, Dan reminded me that the reason he is so passionate about Summit Connect and service is because God has used those things to change his life. Dan and Amanda are living a new life because of Summit and he wants others to experience the same blessing and to share in that story of changed lives.

It is God who changes lives at Summit, but we are the ones who get to experience that transformation and who get to invite others to to experience the same.