Summit's Leadership Structure: How it Works


Here at Summit, the leadership structure is designed to support the church’s vision and values, as well as the staff, as we lead the church according to the example found in Scripture. In order to get to know the staff a little better, we wanted to take a moment to explain who our leaders are and what they do.

At the top of the pyramid are the Governing Board members. These are the people who ensure that the mission, vision, and doctrine of Summit are upheld. They must be nominated, interviewed, presented to the congregation, and unanimously voted in by the existing Board.

Then we have the Strategy Team. These are the people that lead the congregation and staff and oversee all Summit happenings. Summit’s Strategy Team includes Lead Pastor John Parker, Worship Pastor Andy Simonds, Organizational Pastor Jeff Kern, and Herndon Campus Pastor Garry Abbott.

The Operations Team offers advice in the areas of finance, facilities, human resources, and IT functions. Organizational Pastor Jeff Kern leads this team of volunteers.

Did you know that Summit gives away 15 percent of its budget? The decision regarding where to give that money, along with reviewing local and global ministry goals, is what the Ministry Team does. This team of volunteers is led by John Parker.

At every Summit campus, there is one person in charge of leading that congregation, providing pastoral care, and helping people get connected at that campus. The Campus Pastor/Ministers are Garry Abbott (Herndon), Sam Arocho (Waterford), O.J. Aldrich (Lake Mary), and Bill Behr (33rd).

Have you ever wondered who those people are that give the sermon each week? That’s our Teaching Team, which consists of Teaching Ministers Jim Keller and Zach Van Dyke.

The Central Staff is centrally located at Summit’s main offices. These staff members coordinate ministry events, plan services, create materials, assist office visitors, answer phones, and keep the office running smoothly.

Each campus also has a team of support staff specific to that location. These are the Campus Staff, which include a worship coordinator, ministry coordinator, Summit Students team, and Base Camp team.

Want to know more about the staff at your campus? Visit the Summit Staff Page and put a name to a face, read bios, or find contact information. Remember to select the campus at the top of the page to see the staff at each specific location.

Kristy-Lee Lawley