The Extra Mile // Answered Prayers


One of the best parts of this Extra Mile season has been watching God show up in big and small ways. This has been extremely evident and encouraging over these last couple of weeks, especially in response to our corporate prayers. On June 13th I gave an update on The Extra Mile and asked you to pray for our upcoming inspections, which were critical steps in getting the power and air conditioning turned on. Within days, all of the inspections were passed and Jeff Kern was able update the congregation the following Sunday about the recent progress. It was great to receive so many texts and emails about how encouraged everyone was!

My favorite moment during this season was a few weeks later. The inspections had passed but we were waiting for our power to be hooked up and we had some delays that week that were holding up construction. It was getting a little discouraging every time I saw a big truck pull up and then leave because they could not complete their work due to our lack of electricity. On Sunday, June 28th, I gave that week’s The Extra Mile update and asked you to join me in praying about our electricity. We took a moment to do so together during the service and within minutes of praying at the 11 a.m. service, I received a message that the power company showed up out of the blue and hooked up the power! Some people, I’m sure, see this as coincidence, but it has been further confirmation that God is present in this congregation.

I’m so excited to see what God has in store for us as we move in to our new building. He has confirmed His blessing throughout this season and I am so encouraged and expectant as we move forward together in to this next season. Please continue to pray—for the final inspections, for the new people that will walk through these doors, and for the lives that will be changed because God built a church in Lake Mary. He really does answer prayer and we have had a front row seat to see Him at work.

O.J. Aldrich