The Extra Mile // We're Moving In!


It’s finally come, the week we’ve all been waiting for—we are moving into our new building! This Sunday, we will welcome our Lake Mary congregation into our first worship service in this space we’ve all worked so hard on. And when I say all, I really mean all! In my last year at Lake Mary, I’ve seen an unprecedented passion in our volunteers. Not only have they set up the high school week after week for the past 3 years, but they’ve stepped up even more as we’ve worked on our new building. Families have actually approached us to ask if they can come spend an afternoon painting, assembling furniture, or completing anything else we may need help with. I used to think these were amazing and unprecedented feats of super volunteerism but, the more I see it, the more I realize that it's something even greater. These people are simply, yet extraordinarily, living out what God's people are made to do: serve God, each other, and everyone who wants to know Him more. This heart of service was born partially out of necessity—church simply could not happen on Sundays without our amazing volunteers spending their Saturday evenings setting up for Sunday and arriving early Sunday mornings to set out signs, brew coffee, and reload our storage unit after service finished. And I have faith that, as the look of that necessity changes, this heart will not fade. Our church may not rely on our physical manpower each week, but it will never cease to rely on the spiritual heart of our congregants.

As crazy as it sounds, several people have told me that they will actually miss meeting at the high school. When I first started, this would have sounded crazy to me too. However, as that chapter of our story closes, I realize that, along with the excitement and anticipation of the new, comes a twinge of sadness as we say goodbye to the building we transformed weekly into our home. In a high school auditorium, we formed teams and friendships, welcomed people in to meet Jesus, and truly became part of the community. I know I will never forget the heart of service I saw being formed and demonstrated during this season. This Sunday, our new chapter starts, and I know I’m not alone in my anticipation to see how we can continue to impact our community in new and exciting ways.

We’ll see everyone on Sunday morning in the new building:

100 Technology Park, Suite 110

Lake Mary, FL 32746

Kari Freeman