Serve Your City: Quest Inc.


Quest, Inc., through quality and innovation, builds communities where people with disabilities achieve their goals. Quest supports individuals in Orlando and Tampa, by offering choices and opportunities to live, learn, work and play.

Through more than 700 team members, Quest creates an environment where individuals can enjoy what many of us take for granted: a safe place to call home, quality long term care, education, therapy and early intervention services for children, employment for youth and adults, and a place for retreat and respite.

A steward's responsibility is to take care of something. Quest appreciates the commitment of the volunteers from Summit Church and other faith-based organizations through the niceSERVE initiative to partner with us as good stewards. We welcome the opportunity for your time, talent and treasure to benefit the individuals served by Quest. Every volunteer’s contribution is critical to our success.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Brantley, Director of Volunteers and Events, at 407.218.4300 or visit our website at

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