The absolute truth is we are not Summit Church without our amazing volunteers.

I personally get the opportunity to lead and serve alongside the many teams that help create Summit’s first impression at the Herndon campus. These folks arrive early to brew insane amounts of coffee, they help you find a parking space with a smile, they greet and welcome you as you walk through our doors, they are available for prayer after the service, they can help you find a book and resources for your Connect group, and they help to create a safe space for you and your whole family to worship.

When you serve, you are being invited into a community that is on mission to show Jesus’ love and serve those around them.

But serving at Summit is so much more than fulfilling a need or task. Yes, our volunteers do a ton and fulfill their volunteer roles with excellence and commitment. (Side note—if you volunteer at one of our campuses, thank you! It matters way more than you will ever know and we are so grateful for you! —and now back to this blog post.) When you serve, you are being invited into a community that is on mission to show Jesus’ love and serve those around them.

I love and feel honored to have a front row seat to this and, in many ways, to be invited into this community. And I really love that it all happens organically and without any amount of preparation or planning that I could ever do (and if you know me, you know I am a planner!). Volunteer teams pray with and for each other, they celebrate, they mourn, they encourage. They know each other’s kids, upcoming vacations, and big life changes. You see they are not only serving and loving the people who walk through our doors, but each other. They are not just brewing coffee, but updating each other on wedding plans, college classes, and their latest trip. They are not just greeting people, but celebrating the addition of a new baby, praying for a loss, and planning a team dinner.

You are invited to join in and be a part of what God is doing in this church and in this community. However God has wired you up, there is an opportunity for you. By taking this step into service and joining one of our volunteers teams, I have a feeling God will do great things in and through you in through this community.



Jessica Meyer is the First Impressions Director at Summit. If you would like to join in what God is doing in and through this church by coming alongside a volunteer team, she would love to help connect you!

Whether it's on a First Impressions team, serving in Base Camp, becoming a Student Ministries leader, volunteering in a worship service, or one of the other many service opportunities at Summit, we believe God has wired you up to be a part of building His Kingdom. Email Jessica Meyer at or visit our Serve at Summit page.