In The Water Together


Quinn and Jaye led the way out into the ocean, followed closely by their father, Trevor. Quinn walked straight and purposefully while his sister, Jaye, skipped and hopped with joy just behind him. This was the day that Trevor and his wife, Ashley, had been waiting for. The day that life changing decisions were declared with joy in front of their church family.

The Brewers had always encouraged their two children to make their own decisions regarding their relationship with God, knowing that their personal decisions would hold true much more than anything the kids were following just because their parents had told them to. They strove to give their children all of the information and encouragement that they needed, while maintaining that the decision to follow Jesus could be no ones but their own.

When 8-year-old Jaye and 7-year-old Quinn announced that they wanted to be baptized, after much conversation, The Brewers signed up to attend the Why Believe class. The class was just what their family needed— a clear presentation of the gospel and curriculum specifically designed for children considering baptism. Trevor recalls being especially impressed by the way that BCL Coordinator, Darling Heldt, depicted the complicated concept of sin and falling short of perfection in a way that was easy for the kids to understand, while still reinforcing the same values Trevor and Ashley had been trying to instil. The program was able to meet each child where they were and walk them through the important choice they were about to make together with their family.

Jaye had walked into class confident and decided to be baptized in the excited and outspoken way that mirrored her sweet personality. Quinn had come to the class, true to his nature, more contemplative and thoughtful about the whole process. Why Believe staff were able to encourage Jaye and ensure that she understood what baptism meant, while also joining Quinn as he wrestled through tough questions like, “How can I ever really be completely sure of something?”.

“The most important thing to us” Trevor said, “was always that they made their own decision and had a good understanding of what that decision meant”. And, in the end, Jaye and Quinn both decided they were ready to be baptized. Trevor and Ashley knew how important it had been in their own lives when they made the choice to follow Jesus. Ashley had been baptized as a teenager and, though Trevor had been baptized as an infant, he knew that God was calling him to make his decision public now that that choice to follow Jesus had been his own.

So, with both of his children taking that bold step, Trevor had the opportunity to walk alongside his children on this momentous day.

So, with both of his children taking that bold step, Trevor had the opportunity to walk alongside his children on this momentous day. It was with much joy that Ashley got to stand ankle deep in the water that afternoon and watch as, one right after the other, her son, daughter, and husband made their public profession of faith and were baptized. As God continues to influence each member of the Brewer family’s individual stories, they were thrilled to see that God wrote in this specific moment where they could all stand in the water together and remember how He washed away their sin.



Our next Beach Baptism is November 4th. If you feel like God has been calling you to take this next step of faith, we would love to stand alongside you on your baptism day and cheer you on. You can find more information here about adult registration, the Why Believe class for children, and where you need to be on November 4th to celebrate those in our church family being baptized. 

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