Turning The Tables


This is a big week for all of us at Summit. In a few short days, we will be donning our green shirts and showing up for niceSERVE 29. It is easy, with as many niceSERVEs as we have done, to look mainly at the mechanics and routine of the event and miss the profound spiritual reality that niceSERVE represents.

This weekend we will be joining hundreds from our Summit community and saying with our actions that this world matters to us and matters to God. Whether your project has you picking up debris from a trail or cleaning a classroom, we will be declaring that the Kingdom of God is at hand. This is a message that the world needs now as much as it did when Jesus first said those words to the gathering crowds.

...saying with our actions that this world matters to us and matters to God.

We live in a world and a culture that needs the hope of God's Kingdom and yet is terrified of it. In serving our community we are saying, in the simplest of ways, that what God is up to in this world is unexpected. The force of God's Kingdom power is expressed in love and service and sacrifice. When we serve, whether it’s our first niceSERVE or are 29th, we are not just doing another niceSERVE. We are turning the tables of power and significance. We are reminding the world around us, and maybe even those next to us, that God not only cares about our hereafters, but he cares about our here and now as well.

Thank you for being a part of making niceSERVE more than merely a thing we do.