Where God Wants You To Be


You Are Here? Another one? Didn’t we just do this?

Didn’t we just get all the single folks at Summit together and do the thing with the hearing topics tailored to us and the mingling in the Lobby and all that? Don't get me wrong— they were great. And I bet a lot of people got into community from it and I’m sure that in the months that have passed since, a lot of You Are Here attendees are right smack in the middle of the honeymoon phase of a brand-new relationship.

But let me take a stab in the dark here and guess that there’s a pretty good chance that if you attended the last round of these singles seminars, you’re just slightly unsettled that enough time has passed that we’ve brought them back around and you are still here.

Or you are here again. Or you can’t begin to fathom how, but you ended up here.

Singledom can really encapsulate all types of people, but if you’re filling out paperwork or a survey that asks if you are single or married, those are your options right there. They’re not asking if you’re dating-and-pretty-sure-he’ll-ask-eventually, they won’t accept “recently divorced, but can’t we just pretend?”, and they definitely don’t need to hear how you’re single, sure, but definitely and totally okay with it ‘cause the Lord calls some people to singledom— just look at Paul!

You’re single. And I don’t know where you’re at with that fact, but I hope you’ll come to You Are Here anyway.

Ring or no ring, we’ve all got people to love and to reflect Jesus to.

I hope you’ll come, not because I can promise that one of those three weeks will give you the fresh optimism and enthusiasm you need to embrace this stage, season, or long-standing truth of your existence. I hope you’ll come because you’re not in a waiting room of life— you’re exactly where God wants you to be right now. You’re here, so you might as well take hold of that truth because the Scriptures don’t say anything about twiddling our thumbs until our wedding day. We’re called to be light and to display the love of Jesus, and there isn’t an asterisk by that that says “but only once you’ve fulfilled your ultimate destination of spouse-status.” Absolutely not. None of us are living in the meantime. We’ve got a scary broken world, and don’t even get me started on the messes we all are on the inside. But we’ve got a Savior who’s already washed us clean of all of that and promises that there’s a better world to come and we’re invited to be a part of it. We’ve got a God who wants us to tell people about His grace and how it changes everything. Ring or no ring, we’ve all got people to love and to reflect Jesus to.

So whether you were at the last round of seminars and are still kind of bummed you didn’t stumble upon your wife there, or if you never dreamed that you’d return to a stage of life where a singles seminar applies to you, or if you’re somewhere in between— I want to see you on Monday nights. ‘Cause, yeah, we did just do this thing. And we’re gonna do it again because no matter what it is God calls us into, He’s got us right where He wants us and it’s better when we embrace that. I find that the more I obsess over past doors God has closed, or pine for future ones He may or may not open, the further I get from doing whatever it is He’s called me toward in the today He’s gifted me.



We are really excited to present brand new topics and speakers for You Are Here: A Speaker Series for Singles. Find out all the information on dates, speakers, and topics here.

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