God's Plan For Marriage


Eleven years ago, a doctor placed a newborn baby in my arms and trusted me to know what I needed to do next, as alarming as that statement seems.

My wife and I had read many, many books and articles on the subject of child-rearing. We had talked to our own parents, and other seasoned parents, because after all, this is a life in our hands that we had total responsibility for! We took it seriously. Her health and well-being depended on it, and though I would definitely say we had no clue what we were in for, I can say we were better prepared for parenting our kids than we were for the sacred covenant we entered into just five years prior.

...you need blueprints to build a marriage.

Instinctively, Naomi and I knew that parenting would have challenges, real challenges. But love? Marriage? Sure it can be tough, but lasting love, and fidelity… that should be a piece of cake! Many books and resources exist for bringing a baby into the world. They also exist for marriage, but we don’t always think we need them. Our love is different, special, organic, natural. Talk to anyone married for more than a week and you will realize that just like you need a plan for a baby, you need blueprints to build a marriage. Those just getting started, in the meaty middle, or empty nesters will tell you, it takes work! But why work harder when you could work smarter?

This is why I’m so excited Summit is hosting FamilyLife’s Art of Marriage this August. What is the Art of Marriage? It’s a video event featuring a diverse cast of marriage experts, bringing fresh takes on classical biblical truths centered on the most sacred of covenants two people can make: 1. With God. 2. With your spouse.

Getting a vision of God’s plan for marriage changed our lives, it has been changing thousands of couples lives, and covenants. When you get a plan, get on the same page, get the Holy Spirit and the word, failure is not an option!



Whether your marriage is in crisis, or you simply need a tune-up, FamilyLife’s Art of Marriage will engage you with laughter and tears. You will experience creative content, inspiring caveats, and compelling truths, with plenty of time to connect with your husband or wife! Take the time to reignite the spark and strengthen the bond. Join us for the Art of Marriage.

Doug and Naomi Foley are partners at our Lake Mary campus and have been there since the beginning! They have four daughters, and the whole family is heavily involved in Family Ministries and First Impressions at the Lake Mary campus.