Christmas Eve Offering


One of the most beloved traditions we have at Summit is giving away the entirety of our Christmas Eve Offering to ministry outside the walls of Summit.

Past offerings have gone to church planting, non-profit startups, global justice work, strategic initiatives with our global partners, etc. This year I am thrilled to inform you that the Christmas Eve Offering will be used to benefit children in our own city through the very exciting work of two churches with whom Summit is forming a committed friendship. The Kingdom Church and Love Fellowship Church, with neighboring locations in the OBT/26th Street area of Downtown Orlando, are uniquely positioned and committed to bringing hope and transformation in their community. Both communities believe you can capture the heart of whole families if you value their children the way Jesus does, so their transformation efforts center on being the church for the children and teens in their neighborhood.

Half of the Christmas Eve Offering will be used by The Kingdom Church to take the final steps in outfitting and opening a 24-hour not-for-profit daycare that will operate out of their church facility and focus on providing top-notch Christ-centered childcare for single moms who are out of the home for work during evening 3rd-shift hours. For many, the employment available to them does not allow for easy access to safe and reliable childcare. The Kingdom Church believes meeting this practical need is an act of love that has the power to build trust and ultimately transform families.

The other half of the Christmas Eve Offering will be used by Love Fellowship Church to finish the renovations of an existing building on their property, allowing for them to finally have purpose-built space for children and teens. They believe (and I agree!) that we can communicate value through environments. Their new ministry environment will transform their church’s ability to meaningfully minister to the families in their church and throughout their neighborhood.

With kindred hearts, we are humbled to be able to partner with these local churches to love and value children who often live in very distressed circumstances. I cannot wait to see what God does with the offering and what other avenues for friendship and partnership will open as a result.



Leading up to Christmas Eve services, please be prayerfully considering giving something beyond your regular tithe to the Christmas Eve Offering and be inviting your guests to do the same.

John Parker is the Lead Pastor at Summit Church.

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