The Forum 2017: Didja Miss It?


So we had another The Forum on Tuesday night. It’s a good time to have folks from all Summit campuses get together and talk about where the church is and where/what God’s calling us to going forward.

If you missed it, these are the high points: John had a cold, Zach got ordained, we got a financial update, John blew his nose on mic, Easter’s coming y’all, niceSERVE will have a new format, Q&A happened, Q&A continued to happen, and John ate a banana-flavored moonpie.

We also took time to do a survey because we want to know how to best serve you as well as anyone who comes to Summit as a guest. If you weren’t there and you’d like to give us your two cents on things (or if you didn’t like the answers you gave the first time), you can fill out the 15-question survey online here. You don’t have to do it—there are no extra points for doing it or not doing it—but we’d love to have your input.

If you’d like to hear how everything went in great detail (John’s sniffles and all), you can listen to the audio right here. It’s in three parts:

- Part 1: O.J.’s welcome and *three worship songs

- Part 2: Zach’s ordination, financial update, survey, heads up on upcoming series, niceSERVE update, and Q&A

- Part 3: more Q&A

Thanks to everyone who came out and listened and asked questions. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you care about Summit to some degree. And about what God’s doing in and around Summit. So thanks. We mean it. And if you have questions or concerns that haven’t been answered, email me at and I’ll get you some answers and we can be friends.

Seriously thanks. Can’t say it enough.

*worship songs not by O.J. Aldrich



Trey Colson is the Worship Director at Summit Church. We're still not really sure what all that entails, but he's real nice and helpful and plays drums real good and makes sure that services at Summit go smoothly. He really does want you to email him so he can answer your questions about The Forum, playing music at Summit, and what your next step may be in becoming his friend.

Trey Colson