Godspell: Come See Jesus


When I first learned that Summit would be producing Godspell, my response was simple. I Googled it. Sure, I had heard the name “Godspell” before and had a general idea of what the show was about (God…?), but beyond that I didn’t have much to go on.

For anyone who, like me, missed the memo on this popular, almost 50-year-old musical, the premise is simple. Based on the Gospel of Matthew, Godspell follows Jesus and a small group of friends as they bring his teachings to life. Together, they tell different parables by using a wide variety of games, storytelling techniques, and a hefty dose of comedic timing.

Despite my initial ignorance, I was sure of two things: it’s theatre and it’s Summit. That was enough for me to get excited about the possibility of being a part of Godspell. Little did I know just how special the journey would be.

As rehearsals kicked off, the cast politely learned each other’s names and engaged in small talk in between warm-up and improv games. We were mostly strangers, after all. But theatre doesn’t come without vulnerability, and vulnerability doesn’t come without trust.


Day by day, as rehearsals progressed, the ice melted away as we ad-libbed and giggled our way through scenes. With encouragement from the creative team, the cast dissected song lyrics and broke down parables. We took the time to reflect on Biblical truths and share perspectives from our diverse backgrounds and walks of life.

Through the long rehearsals, set building, line flubs, and disagreements, we grew as performers and as people. Without even realizing it, we became a community. Just like Jesus and his disciples. Just like in our show.

Godspell humanizes Jesus in a way I’ve never seen portrayed before. We’re reminded that he really did hang out with this group of people. There’s nothing inherently special about them, but this was his community. They laughed and told stories together. They trusted each other and doubted each other. The group traveled together and learned from their friend Jesus. Just like you go through life with your Connect group, this was Jesus’ community.


Reflecting back on the audition process, the passion of the creative team was evident. This was a project they cared deeply about, and for good reason. Now I understand the anticipation. The commitment to excellence. The utmost dedication expected from everyone involved. This isn’t just another story; it’s the greatest story ever told. All wrapped up in a package of incredible music, giddy fun, and so much heart that theatre-goers of all ages can enjoy.

Sure, I went into this experience without knowing much about Godspell, but I’ve learned how truly special it is—and I know the cast and crew can’t wait to share it with you. So come see me play some farm animals. Come see a disciple crack some groan-worthy puns. Come see all the shenanigans. But mostly, join the community. Come see Jesus.



We are so excited to bring Godspell to the Summit stage and hope you will join us for one of our showtimes! You can find more details and purchase tickets right here.

Emily Lupfer has been serving at Summit for over two years, simultaneously sharing Jesus’ love with kids and stretching her creative muscles as a regular performer and script writer for BCL. If you or your organization needs a creative writer or if you just want to chat favorite musical theatre soundtracks, you can email Emily at eklupfer@gmail.com.