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God Shows Up

2018 focused on the life of Jesus—who he is, his actions, and his teachings. During this year in the life of Jesus, we were challenged to follow the Gospel Reading Plan, a tool to use to learn more about his life.

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UpdatesLauren Margheim
Plans to Give Hope

This year, the entirety of the offering collected at Candlelight Services will be given to One Lamb in Nairobi, Kenya. One Lamb began in 2011 when Ciru Mutura was called to meet the needs of vulnerable children. The organization works toward ending the exploitation of children due to poverty in their communities. One Lamb’s programs give these young girls resources and skills to benefit their lives while also sharing the truth of God’s grace and love.

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Christmas Eve Offering

One of the most beloved traditions we have at Summit is giving away the entirety of our Christmas Eve Offering to ministry outside the walls of Summit. Past offerings have gone to church planting, non-profit startups, global justice work, strategic initiatives with our global partners, etc. This year I am thrilled to inform you that the Christmas Eve Offering will be used to benefit vulnerable children in our own city through the very exciting work of two churches with whom Summit is forming a committed friendship.

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UpdatesJohn Parker
For Years To Come

On Christmas Eve, Summit Church is full of family, friends, and guests all celebrating when God came down as a helpless babe to begin the greatest rescue mission ever known. Sharing the good news of great joy together as a community is one of my favorite times of year. As a member of the Local and Global Partnerships team, each of these services holds an extra bit of excitement for me because we get to share with you another story about what love—on mission—can do. Each year, we give our Christmas Eve offering to a partner organization that has a God-sized mission to alleviate suffering, build up communities, and restore all that is lost.

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UpdatesElizabeth Cronlund
Saying Yes To God

This has been one of the toughest decisions my wife and I have had to make—tougher than leaving a great career in banking to join Summit staff, tougher than choosing our kids’ names, tougher than spicy or regular chicken at Chick-fil-A. It’s been tough because we felt God calling us to leave a church that we love greatly. A church that, for the last seven and a half years (five of them on staff), has loved our family so well. We knew that saying yes to God was going to cost us something.

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UpdatesSam Arocho

Last week, our community braced for the worst as Hurricane Matthew was seemingly heading straight toward us. While we are extremely fortunate and grateful that, for the most part, the hurricane caused little damage in Orlando, we recognize that it has had a great impact on several local families...

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UpdatesSummit Church
Spread Hope to a City in Need

Our church family joins with our city in mourning the heartbreaking events of this past weekend. With the violent shooting of singer Christina Grimmie and the mass shootings at Pulse nightclub this past weekend, our prayers are with the victims and their families of these senseless tragedies. 

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“We’ve been praying for you for a long time— so glad to finally know who you are!”

I had the privilege of speaking those words to a beautiful young lady as I met her one morning. And it was true— we’ve been praying for her for a long time without knowing who she would be.

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Summit Students is Back!

This summer was a great one in the life of Summit Students! We had over 85 students serve at Surge in the City and edgeSERVES across all campuses! That’s thousands of service hours poured into the community by students who are making a big difference in the world around them.

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UpdatesTracy Beeson