A New Tradition


Meet Karen and Sean VonRabenau. They’re mom and dad to Savannah, Memphis, and Boston.

Memphis is the youngest sibling! He plays football and water polo and runs track. His twin, older by only a few minutes, also likes football, water polo, and track. Savannah, their older sister, does diving and gymnastics as well as track.

They’re a busy and fun family! And they were able to take some time to tell us all about who they are and their first year at Family Camp.

The kids sit sandwiched between mom and dad. There’s just enough room for everyone on the couch in the living room. Behind them, a chalkboard in an open room tells of homework completed or curiosity satisfied. Their house is one full of love and bits of their story as a family.

“I don’t think we’ve ever sat on this couch like this as a family,” Karen laughs.

“No, usually somebody’s laying this way, somebody’s lying there, somebody's lying over here,” says Sean as he points at the different seats around the room. “It’s either that or we’re dancing.” Boston, Memphis, and Savannah smile as they think about their family memories and inside jokes.

Sean recently built a reading nook for the kids to hang out in together in a loft area above the family room. Karen says that it’s their area to take care of and they’re very excited about it. Karen also loves decorating for any holiday and the whole family gets involved in the annual Christmas light boat parade they have in the lake behind their house.

Spending quality time together is very important to the VonRabenaus. They’ve enjoyed many a family vacation—sometimes up north to see snow, sometimes across town to visit Disney, but usually to the beach. And they’re excited to add Family Camp to their wide repertoire of traditions.

Video by Michael Margio.



Family Camp is our annual outing where families can connect and spend time together. To learn more about our Family Ministries, you can read about Base Camp here and Summit Students here.