Spread Hope to a City in Need


Our church family joins with our city in mourning the heartbreaking events that have transpired in our community. With the violent shooting of singer Christina Grimmie and the mass shootings at Pulse nightclub last weekend, our prayers are with the victims and their families of these senseless tragedies. 

A good number of Summit partners and attendees have asked what they can do to help. We are currently in communication with our partner organizations throughout the city and looking for ways that we can best serve in this time of need. As we find ways to help, we will post those here.


Whether you have the words or are far from knowing what to say in a time like this, communication with God should stay open. Be praying for the victims of the shooting, their families, their loved ones. Be praying for our community as we grieve, process, and wrestle with what's happened. Be praying for the law enforcement that ran into the chaos, the medical personnel that responded with care, and the city officials that are tirelessly working in this time of great need. Pray for your own family and friends that are grieving, scared, confused.

God is always near to the broken-hearted and it is in times such as these that we trust He will come alongside us all to provide peace that exceeds our understanding. 




One Blood is the state agency that handles all blood donations and distributions to hospitals. Victims are undergoing multiple surgeries and stores need to be replenished.

One Blood will be onsite at the Herndon campus on Sunday, July 3rd. Those who are willing and able to give blood should make an appointment for that morning here.

The need is for O positive, O negative, and AB negative blood and plasma donations. Other blood types can donate, but they may be asked to make an appointment at a later time. Please review their website if you worry that you might have factors that may preclude you from donating (illness, anemia, recent travel, etc.).

One Blood is asking all potential donors to make appointments through their website.

Use this link to find where to donate and set up an appointment or call 1-888-9DONATE (936-6283)



Professional Counselors
If you have a valid license to practice in the state of Florida, there is a great need for Mental Health professionals to man the crisis hotline and in-person care. There is an increased need for spanish speaking counselorsMultiple agencies are working together, but all efforts are being coordinated through The Center Orlando. Call (407)228-8272 or email their Volunteer Coordinator, Ken Terrell at ken@thecenterorlando.org



OneOrlando Fund is a foundation set up by The City of Orlando to assist survivors and the families of those whose lives were taken.