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Come To The Table

Why are we doing communion every week this summer? It has been said—and I believe this—that partaking in the sacrament of communion is the most intimate act of worship we will experience this side of eternity. Think about the word: partake. We are ingesting physical elements that at least represent, and at most embody—in some mysterious way—the presence of Christ.

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God's Spiritual Remedy

When I was ten years old I found a book on my parent’s bookshelf titled “This Present Darkness.” The cover was intriguing to me. From a faraway vantage point, you could see a small town in a valley and on the top of a hill there was a little white church with the smallest amount of sunlight hitting the steeple, but the rest of the sky was hues of purple and dark blue with an ominous looking claw-shaped cloud descending on the town.

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