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Early Acts: Speak Through Me

As I reflect this week about the sermon and the way it made me feel, I am asking God to take away the guilt and shame and inviting him to speak through me. I am asking that my basic desires not be at the forefront of my mind and heart but that I will trust in him and believe the truth of the gospel above all else.

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Minor Prophets: Where Do They Fit In?

So why in the world are we spending an entire summer studying prophets from thousands of years ago? Hopefully, now that we are halfway through the summer, you aren’t asking that question anymore. If you are, this blog post won’t answer that question. But at this point in our series on the minor prophets, you might have some questions about the historical context for these prophets. So this blog post is my attempt to answer those questions better than Wikipedia would.

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Coming to Life: Actions

But there is no double meaning to Jesus’ words. He tells Judas that Mary did exactly what she was equipped for—what he equipped her for. She did exactly enough. Jesus fills in the gaps between Mary’s small action and Judas’ harsh words. And because she didn’t let the standards set by Judas hold her back, Mary’s story speaks to me all these years later.

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Coming to Life: Emotions

Yes, life might be easier if we could simply void out our emotions. But that kind of life wouldn’t be true life, would it? It wouldn’t be the kind of kingdom living that God invites us into. If God created emotions, then we can trust that they are good and serve a purpose. So what are we to do with them? It has been my experience that when we fully acknowledge our emotions, and entrust them with another person, we are on our way to holy feeling.

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Worthy of Our Worship

In our study of Galatians, we have been looking at Paul’s defense of the gospel and his call to the believers in Galatia to not add anything—no rules, no laws, no additional steps—to their simple and profound faith in Jesus and in his death and resurrection. … I was reminded of the false gods that I and many believers that I know are tempted to serve again out of laziness, frustration, or just our plain self-centeredness.

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In Communion With

This past year, my family struggled to be committed to our Connect group. We were trying to sell our house, with a new baby, a 3-year-old, and a kindergartener who often took our entire family out with sickness. We had unexpected work meetings, out of town guests, and an 8U softball schedule that plagued our presence on any given week..

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God's Spiritual Remedy

When I was ten years old I found a book on my parent’s bookshelf titled “This Present Darkness.” The cover was intriguing to me. From a faraway vantage point, you could see a small town in a valley and on the top of a hill there was a little white church with the smallest amount of sunlight hitting the steeple, but the rest of the sky was hues of purple and dark blue with an ominous looking claw-shaped cloud descending on the town.

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I have been so encouraged by the conversations occurring around and next steps that people have taken throughout the Money. Sex. Power. series. I want to share a story about a new friend of mine that I feel like encapsulates so much about what has been happening in this season.

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Capital-T True

"Week after week, my pen has been furiously scribbling notes into my notebook during service. My pages are filled with ah-ha moments. Question marks. Cross-outs. Fervent prayers."

As we went through The Story of God: Revelation series, God showed up in big ways in the heart of Guest Blogger Lauren Lanker. 

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