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An Unconditional Savior

Like most of us, Sheri longed to live in a world where she is loved, she isn’t alone, and where goodness proves to be more powerful than evil. But what would that require of her? Since humanity was first exiled from the Garden of Eden, God has longed for his people to be restored to glory, free from the snare of sin and death, and living in his presence. What would that require of him?

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Running to Repentance

The cold winter day started just as every day did for John Smith—with an early morning run. This morning in particular, it was out at Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs with an old friend, a former high school athlete, who still calls John “coach.” The pair used to see each other every day when John was the track and cross country coach at Ocoee High School, but these days they only see each other about once a year.

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StoriesAllison HurtadoreGROUP
True Grace

David Kaplan sits in a room full of men. The mood is somber, yet welcoming. Heavy, yet free of judgement and shame. He fidgets slightly in his chair as another man shares why he showed up tonight: the struggles he can’t beat on his own, the sins he’s been fighting for ages, and his desire to be known and loved despite how messed up he is; how messed up he feels.

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Laura CookreGROUP
Infinite Value

One of the highlights for me of the reGROUP calendar is our graduation ceremony. I would highly doubt that there are many people who would put “fun” next to “reGROUP” in a word association game, but that is likely because they’ve never seen graduation. I more often hear words like hard, painful, depressed, addicted, and lost when people talk about reGROUP, though talk to a reGROUP graduate and you may hear a different story—one of transformation.

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Is reGROUP Right For Me?

My first time to reGROUP I sat in the dark shadows near the back of the room so that, hopefully, no one else would see the tears in my eyes the entire night. I was clinically depressed, struggling, isolated, and hurting. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me. I hardly had the energy to show up, let alone talk to someone afterwards.

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InsightsTim BurkholderreGROUP
Emptying My Hands

Last fall marked the beginning of my 6th pass through the reGROUP journey. Whether categorized as a participant or a leader, in reality, each time I am still very much a participant. I walk beside the gentlemen I am tasked to guide as someone who knows the path, not someone who has everything sorted out myself.

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StoriesGuest BloggerreGROUP
Me Too

Me too. Each week as I sit in a room among dozens of stories in bodily form, I come to realize that this is the deepest message reGROUP seeks to convey each week. Whether it’s through Sixty Minute Seminars during the summer, the regular reGROUP big group curriculum throughout the year, or in our Connect groups, this is the resounding message of reGROUP. Me too...

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InsightsGuest BloggerreGROUP
An Upward Trajectory

A new season of reGROUP is upon us as we officially launch on Monday, September 21st at 7 p.m. Let’s be honest – launching stuff is exciting. The very word “launch” carries the essence of an upward trajectory and a feeling of newness; a rebirth...

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InsightsChris BurnsreGROUP