True Love Shown


Shanon and Alejandro have worked in the arts for many years. When they felt the call to share the love of Jesus through dance at the Fringe Festival, they asked several in their church community to be a part of such a show.

Through the hard work and many hours interpreting the story of “The Light Princess,” they knew it was worth the effort because it was a show that glorified God.

After being a part of a traveling drama and dance ministry, Shanon and Alejandro used their talents in the theater to pour into the BCL and Large Group actors who are a part of Base Camp Productions here at Summit. Throughout their time working together, they decided to work toward a performance at the Orlando Fringe Festival, a time where those who love theater come together and enjoy many different shows.

Shanon adapted the fairytale of “The Light Princess” from a story to a dance. This story is an 1800s allegory of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection for us. The group’s hope was that through dance, this story could speak to those who may not have already understood the good news of Jesus. By using story to express meaning and using dance that transcends language and age, this performance brought a different way to interact with God’s truth for our lives. 

Video by Brian Hogan.



“The Light Princess” is making its BCL debut at the Herndon Campus on Sunday, October 13th. Join us to see the show at 10:20 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.!