We're taking what you know as niceSERVE (a church-wide service day) and extending it to a church-wide service week! 


In the beginning (of niceSERVE at Summit, not the world) we were a church of about 25 people who said service needs to be who we are and what we do. The way this has been done has changed a lot over the years, but the truth remains the same: God cares deeply about this world and the people in it and so do we.

What You Need To Know: You can participate in niceSERVE in three easy steps:

1. Pick a Project

We receive project needs from organizations that we have ongoing partnerships with. And, this year, our congregants have created projects to meet needs in their communities as well! Browse through all the projects that have been submitted (either by your fellow congregants or from some of the organizations Summit partners with) and pick one you'd like to be a part of. This can be on Saturday, when you've always done niceSERVE in the past, during the week when you have free time, or both! Browse through and sign up for projects here:

2. Sign Up

Sign up for whichever project you choose! If you want to serve together as a group or family, sign each member of your group up individually. Be sure to grab a niceSERVE shirt in the lobby after service if you don't already have one!

3. Serve

Serve, serve, serve! May 15th-20th is when we're doing the things, raking the yards, serving the people, and we want you there for it!


Still have questions? Check out our FAQs!