This Fall in Foothills

In Foothills, our elementary students learn that they can put their trust in Jesus, that God’s love is bigger than any mistake, and that what they say and do matters. Our Foothills program follows the content and Scriptural focus of the main service. We hope that this resource will aid you in having conversations with your child about what they are learning.


Acts Series: August 11th - September 15th

“He is the God who made the world. He also made everything in it. He is the Lord of heaven and earth. He doesn’t live in a temple built by human hands.” Acts 17:24

August 11: Week 1

Scripture | Acts 2:22-41

Focus | God's family is built on Jesus.

August 18: Week 2

Scripture | Acts 2:42-47

Focus | God's family grows together.

August 25: Week 3

Scripture | Acts 3:1-4:22; John 9

Focus | God’s family takes action.

September 1: Week 4

Scripture | Acts 4:29-37

Focus | God’s family works together.

September 8: Week 5 (Vision Sunday)

Scripture | Acts 17:24

Focus | We are the church.

September 15: Week 6

Scripture | Acts 7; 8:1-4

Focus | God’s family is for God’s glory.