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Jesus through Samaria to Galilee

Jesus through Samaria to Galilee

Matthew 4:12

Jesus Begins to Preach

12 When Jesus heard that John had been put in prison, he withdrew to Galilee.


Mark 1:14a

Jesus Announces the Good News

14 After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God.


Luke 3:19-20; 4:14a

19 But when John rebuked Herod the tetrarch because of his marriage to Herodias, his brother’s wife, and all the other evil things he had done, 20 Herod added this to them all: He locked John up in prison.

Jesus Rejected at Nazareth

14 Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about him spread through the whole countryside.


John 4:1-4

Jesus Talks With a Samaritan Woman

1 Now Jesus learned that the Pharisees had heard that he was gaining and baptizing more disciples than John—2 although in fact it was not Jesus who baptized, but his disciples. 3 So he left Judea and went back once more to Galilee.

4 Now he had to go through Samaria.


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